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Gardening For Aesthetics

The Dangers Of Carpenter Ants On Wood Foundations

by Scarlett Ross

Most foundations are safe from the destructive habits of most pests, but wood foundations are at a unique risk of damage from carpenter ants. Understanding these dangers (and how to manage them) is crucial to making sure your wood foundation isn't severely damaged.

Carpenter Ants Love Damp Wood

Carpenter ants are large black pests that make their home in damp wood. Unlike termites, they don't actually eat the wood, but simply make their nests inside of it. Carpenter ants may be likely to attack your wooden foundation, as the foundation may end up getting damp from the surrounding soil. Unfortunately, the ant may tunnel to the wood from outside of your home, making it hard to detect them at first.

If you spot large black ants in your home, immediately go into your basement and start looking for signs of an infestation. Winged ants are an obvious sign that carpenter ants have settled in your home, as are wood shavings (from the ants tunneling) as well as a "rustling" sound inside your foundation.

Wood Foundations Are In Obvious Danger

While wood foundations aren't as common as concrete ones, they are still installed in many homes. If your home has a wood foundation and carpenter ants move in, your home is in danger. As the carpenter ants break away the damp wood of your foundation and expand their colony, they are ruining the structural integrity of your home.

As a result, there is a danger that they may cause a variety of foundation problems, such as cracks in the walls, difficulty closing doors, sinking floors, and other problems. Thankfully, it will take some time for this damage to occur, meaning you should have time to manage your infestation.

Getting Rid Of The Ants

There are multiple ways that you can get rid of the carpenter ants that are attacking your wooden foundation. Typically you can use baits, dusts, foams, and other pesticide applications to drive them away. You should apply them directly on the carpenter ant homes or pathways to eliminate them.

It is possible to apply these applications on your own, but a professional is likely to be more effective. It all depends on the severity of the infection and the damage that has been done to your foundation.

After you get rid of the carpenter ants in your home, you should call a foundation repair expert immediately and have it inspected. They should be able to assess the damage and repair it. They may also be able to install a concrete foundation that will be safer from carpenter ant damage.

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