Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Four Tools To Bring On The Plane If Traveling For Plastic Surgery

by Scarlett Ross

Going to a doctor who is out of your state or out of the country is not uncommon these days. Most patients want to go to a doctor who specializes in their type of surgery, so it is common to travel to a doctor. The trip back home from surgery can be one of the hardest plane trips that you take. The swelling, discomfort, and small space can cause irritability. Here are four tools to bring on the plane with you to make the trip back a little more fun. 

A pillow with neck support

If you are going to lean back and sleep while in your sleep, you will need a pillow that properly grips your neck and head. This will keep you comfortable and make sure that you do not wake up even more stiff than you started out. If you have had facial surgery, such as rhinoplasty, you also need to make sure that your head doesn't roll around and accidentally bump your nose against something. A travel pillow with neck support can cradle your head and allow you to sleep comfortably. Being able to sleep will make your trip more comfortable. For more information, contact a business such as Space Sleeper Pillow.

Compression garments

Increasing your altitude will typically cause swelling, especially after you have had surgery. This can cause discomfort more than anything else. Purchase the proper compression garments and wear these on the plane. Whether it is body compression, compressions stockings, or a chin strap, you may need compression. Ask your surgeon what type of compression you will need in order to travel carefully. 

Bottom cushion

If you are having surgery on your bottom or if there is a chance that your butt or thighs will be sore, you should carry along a cushion to make the trip comfortable. If you are having thigh liposuction or a Brazilian butt lift, you will need to prop up your bottom so that you are not sitting directly on the seat. Purchase a doughnut pillow or a baby boppy pillow to help to prop up your lower half. This will preserve the results of your surgery and make sitting comfortable. 

Non-medicated sleep aid

If you are going on a long trip to the right surgeon, the best way to make sure you can get through the trip home is to put yourself to sleep. Ask your doctor for a list of sleep aids that you can take. Take the sleep aid at the last minute as you board, or right after you board the plane. This will allow you to sleep through the trip as long as possible and land a little more rested. 


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