Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

The Secret Garden: How You Can Build Your Own Private, Locked Garden

by Scarlett Ross

In the book The Secret Garden, a little girl comes to live at a manor where there is a large brick structure and a door in one of its walls. After she finds the key that unlocks the door, she discovers that there is a secret garden inside. If this enchanting idea strikes you as something you would like to recreate in your own yard, fencing contractors can help. Here is how.

Select the Area for Your "Secret" Garden

If you have a large yard, you can designate as much of the land to your garden as you would like. Just be sure to measure out where you want the garden to go. Keep in mind that brick walls are often three or four inches thick, depending on the wood or bricks the contractors use. You can talk with a contractor, like Harco Exteriors  LLC, to see which kinds of fences they can install. Include the thickness of the walls in your measurements so that your garden is still as big as you want it to be without sacrificing space around its perimeters for the walls.

Mark off the Area

To help the contractor and his or her crew establish a work zone, mark off where you want the garden walls to begin and end. A little neon paint on the grass always works. The contractors will insert rebar or some other type of reinforcing material along your marks to make sure that eight- to ten-foot walls of brick will remain standing long after they are completed.

Have Contractors Build the Walls

As the contractor and his/her crew begin building the walls, make sure they know where you want the door to go and that you want it to be a locking door. Then they can build the appropriate doorway and/or archway for the door frame. The top of the structure is left open to the sun and elements so that your plants and flowers can get light and water from precipitation. The work continues until the door and the lock are ready to be installed.

Install the Door and the Lock

The contractor may have to drill holes into the completed brick wall for the door lock. Then the door is installed, followed by the rest of the door lock. The lock is tested to make sure it does not stick and the door is not lopsided. If everything works correctly, you are now ready to begin planting and installing whatever your heart desires in your very own "secret" garden. 


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