Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Seven Stunning Fireplace Facades That Are Unconventional And Refreshing

by Scarlett Ross

If your home's fireplace is old or dated, give it an unconventional makeover for a refreshing new look! These treatments are easy enough to do on your own with materials from your favorite home improvement vendor, and will give you significant results in a short amount of time.

Seven facades that will give your fireplace a fresh flair are:

1. Hand-painted murals. You don't have to be a Van Gogh to paint a fireplace mural that is both sensible and stunning. For a painted mural over your façade, hearth, and mantle, you can use stencils and an oil-based paint that is non-flammable. Draw out simple silhouettes with a graphite pencil and use this as a guide when painting.

2. Textured panels. There are textured wall panels available for sale in home improvement venues that are easily adhered to the façade of your fireplace to give it a completely different look. These often replicate molded adobe, limestone, or stone facades, but are simple and easy to install.

3. White-washed brick. For a quick change with big impact, white-wash the brick using white wall-paint and water. Simply mix different parts until the paint becomes a wash that will lighten and freshen-up your fireplace. This could be a process of trial-and-error, and you may want to add several coats to obtain the desired color on brick.

4. Ornate architectural elements Install an ornate cornice-style mantle that gives even a simple or small fireplace a regal personality. These often replicate architectural elements and may be found in plaster or resin, which is treated to be safe near your fireplace. Talk with home improvement sellers to find the right sizes and materials for your distinct situation.

5. Mirrored sticky-tiles. If you enjoy crafting, make it a project to add mirrored adhesive tiles to the façade of your fireplace. There are numerous sizes available and these easy-to-lay tiles are quite inexpensive. Be sure to trim or caulk the edges to prevent moisture from lifting the tile when done.

6. Mexican-inspired mantle. Strive for a Mexican-inspired mantle with terracotta hearth to bring warmth and a welcoming flavor to your home. The mantles are typically one-piece that are installed directly over your existing mantle; terracotta tile, laminate, or paint can give your hearth and façade a fresh look.

7. Hounds-tooth hearth. If you are leaning toward tiling your façade, why not go with something a little different? You can create a hounds-tooth tile design by using two different colors of the same size tile and laying them in an intentional and precise pattern. The look is modern and unique!

Try one of these seven suggestions to give your fireplace façade an unconventional and refreshing makeover! Visit home improvement retailers to find paint, panels, tile, or moldings to create a fireplace that becomes the focal point of your entire home. 


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