Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Things To Know About Custom Wall Decals

by Scarlett Ross

Making your business look as professional and inviting to customers is important for maximizing your conversion and retention rates. However, making the interior of your business appear professional and attractive will require you to pay attention to a number of details. In particular, placing your company's logo in an area where it will be seen by those first entering your building can be an excellent way of making your business appear well-established. To this end, you will find that investing in a custom wall decal can be a great way of achieving this look without having to permanently paint the walls of your business.

What Will It Be Like To Order A Custom Wall Decal?

The process of ordering a custom wall decal from a company like Wall Written may seem like it will be extremely difficult, but it is a rather simple process. Before the wall decal can be made, you will need to decide on the dimensions of the wall decal, the font that you want for the text, and the logo that will be on it. If your business does not currently have a logo made, there are many wall decal providers that can offer you design services, which will allow you to choose an image that will capture the spirit of your enterprise.

Are There Any Special Steps For Installing A Wall Decal?

Once the wall decal is ready, you will want to make sure that it is properly applied to the wall. An incorrectly installed wall decal can be prone to coming loose or developing air bubbles, which can severely degrade its appearance.

Before you put the decal on the wall, you will want to make sure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned. Dust and dirt on the wall can prevent the adhesive from bonding to the decal to the wall. After the decal has been applied to the wall, you will need to smooth out any air bubbles. A simple way of doing this is to use a piece of cardboard to firmly rub over the entire wall decal. You may need to repeat this process several times to remove all of the air bubbles, and while it may take some time to complete, it will ensure the decal stays securely in place.

How Do You Clean A Vinyl Wall Decal?

To keep your wall decal looking its best, you must regularly remove any dust, dirt and stains that have developed on it. When performing this cleaning, it is important to avoid acidic cleaning agents as they will degrade and discolor the vinyl. Using plain water and thoroughly drying the vinyl will be the safest option for cleaning it without risking damage.


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