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Gardening For Aesthetics

4 Ways To Estimate The Lifespan Of Your Water Heater

by Scarlett Ross

Estimating the lifespan of your water heater is not something that is commonly done, but it should be. This way, you have a better understanding as to whether or not your damaged water heater should be repaired or replaced. Here are four ways you can estimate the lifespan of your water heater:

  1. It Was Installed Correctly: A water heater that was installed correctly is going to last longer. This is why it's important to have professionals install a water heater in your home and never attempt to do it on your own. A properly installed water heater will be upright in a well-ventilated area of the home. If it's not in a well-ventilated area, you can expect the lifespan of the water heater to dwindle. 
  2. Its Usage is Normal: A water heater that has a usage level that is average is going to last longer than a water heater that is both used too often or too little. A water heater that is used too often will work harder, thus lowering the lifespan while a water heater that is used too little will have too much standing water that leads to corrosion that also takes a toll on the lifespan. To better understand average usage, you want to ask the professional who has installed it about the average use. You also want to be sure that you install a water heater that can handle the water usage in your home properly. 
  3. Quality of the Water Heater: It's worth it to pay more for a higher quality water heater because it is going to last longer. You can tell a water heater is made of higher quality if it's  average to higher cost and if the warranty is longer. A warranty that is shorter indicates that you will probably run into issues sooner. You also want to consider a water heater that has a level of protection against rust, such as a porcelain casing. 
  4. Regular Maintenance: Finally, you want to be sure that you are providing regular maintenance for your water heater. Otherwise, you can expect the lifespan of the water heater to be lower. You want to especially be sure that you are flushing the water heater system to remove build up. Be sure to keep track of how often you should be doing this. 

When you compare the above things with the average lifespan of the specific type of water heater you have in your home, you can better estimate whether or not your water heater still has some life to it and is worth repairing. Contact a water heater repair service for more information and assistance. 


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