Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Romantic Interlude? Drafty Home? Emergency Warmth? Gas Inserts To The Rescue

by Scarlett Ross

A fireplace with a gently burning fire has the power to be relaxing to some and warming to others, depending on the circumstances. Even more importantly, however, it can be a life saver for families who are experiencing a winter weather emergency and the loss of electrical power that often accompanies them.

But homes with real wood burning fireplaces are rare these days, and many new homes are built to use only electrical power for heat. For these homeowners, installing a gas insert can provide all the benefits of a fireplace for a fraction of the cost. If you are considering installing a gas insert fireplace in your home, here is some helpful information to get this very rewarding home improvement project off to a great start. 

Choose the location and vent type with care

While a wood burning fireplace is nearly always installed in a living room or family room, there is much more flexibility in choosing the location for a fireplace that uses a gas insert. If the insert is designed for vent-less installation, it will require no venting to the outside, making it possible for use on an interior wall of the home. If the gas insert you choose must be vented to the outside, it it best to locate it on an exterior wall of the home, so that it will be easier to properly vent to the outside. 

If the home is not already plumbed with gas lines and connected to a natural gas or propane source, you will need to arrange for this to be done before you can use your gas insert. If the gas insert will be the only appliance using the gas service, a small propane tank may be the fastest, most affordable way to provide fuel for your gas insert. 

Fixed or movable gas insert

In homes where the location of the gas insert is to be permanent, it can be easily installed on a wall and have a faux fireplace front built to surround it. If the home already has an existing fireplace opening, it may be suitable to install the gas insert into this opening. However, if you are renting your home, or plan to sell it soon, and want to take the gas insert with you when you move, opting for a freestanding gas fireplace may be the best choice. 

To learn more about gas inserts and all the benefits your family can enjoy by installing one, contact a gas insert dealer or installation contractor such as Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center soon. 


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