Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Septic Tank Maintenance And Care Tips

by Scarlett Ross

It's important to remember that everything you put down your drains ends up in your septic tank. It isn't like a city sewer system; any issues with your septic pipes and tank are your responsibility, so you need to be careful and maintain the system accordingly. Read on for some septic tank maintenance and care tips to keep your system in good shape and to ensure your system is working as it should.

Watch What Goes Down Your Drains

The only things that should go down your drains are water and waste. Food particles should not be sent down the drain (unless you have a garbage disposal). Paint, grease, and oils should also not be put into the drains. Other items that are not biodegradable, such as diapers, wipes, and feminine products, should not be placed in the drains either. These can build up and clog your system. Even some two-ply toilet paper can clog the system, which is why you should switch to one-ply or to a quick-dissolve toilet paper instead.

Keep An Eye On Your Leach Field

If you notice an excessive amount of water in your leach field or the grass appears a bit differently in these areas, you may want to have your tank inspected. Be sure you don't have any issues with your system, such as a leak or a full tank. If the tank is full, you need to have it pumped out by a professional, licensed company that specializes in this type of work. Keep track of how often you are having your system pumped out so you know about how long you have before it needs to be pumped out again.

Use All-Natural Cleaners

Keep harsh chemicals out of your tank by using natural cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar or dish detergent and water. The all-natural cleaners are eco-safe and environmentally friendly, which can help prevent a buildup in your tank. Harsh cleaners can also kill healthy microbes that can help eat up waste in your tank.

Listen To Your Drains

Your drains in your home can tell you a lot about your system outside. If you hear gurgling in your toilet when you flush, it may be due to a clog somewhere. Don't ignore this sound. It needs to be inspected and repaired. Also watch your drains for slow draining. If you have water hanging around longer than normal in your sinks, it may also be due to a clog.

If you spot a problem with your septic tank or your drains inside your house, call a professional septic company for help to have your tank repaired or drained. Visit websites like for more information.


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