Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Upgrading Your Home With A Steam Shower

by Scarlett Ross

Homeowners will often fail to appreciate the range of options that they have available to them when it comes to their shower. However, the shower is one of the most important fixtures in your home, and it is common to overlook some options. In particular, steam showers are becoming increasingly common, but many homeowners are still uninformed about this style of shower.

Myth: A Steam Shower Is The Same As A Sauna

There is a prevalent myth that steam showers are essentially the same as a sauna. There may be some similarities, but there are key differences that can provide for extremely different experiences when using a steam shower. One of the most obvious will be that the steam shower is far more moist than the sauna. A sauna is typically designed to be fairly dry, but a steam shower will be extremely moist. Furthermore, the steam shower will be a good deal cooler than the sauna.

Myth: A Steam Shower Is Bad For Your Skin

It is common for individuals to be extremely conscious about the condition of their skin. Unfortunately, some individuals may become confused and assume that a steam shower will actually be worse for their skin than a traditional shower. However, the steam from these showers can help to open and clean the pores of your skin. Additionally, this can help to improve the overall hydration of your skin.

Myth: There Are No Health Restrictions For Using A Steam Shower

While most healthy individuals will have no issues with using steam showers, there are some individuals that may want to avoid this option. In particular, those that are suffering from heart conditions, blood pressure problems, or other serious health matters should speak with their doctor before making this upgrade. Prolonged exposure to heated environments can worsen the symptoms of these patients, which may limit their ability to use a steam shower.

Myth: Installing A Steam Shower Will Be Very Difficult And Disruptive

Homeowners will often assume that upgrading their shower will be an extremely difficult process. However, modern shower systems are largely modular in design, and this can make it fairly easy for a professional to quickly remove and replace these devices. While there will be additional steps when installing a steam shower, this should not greatly alter the difficulty or time needed for this work. Many individuals may find that they can have their new steam shower completely installed and ready for use in as little as a few hours.


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