Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

The Three Best Stones For Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

by Scarlett Ross

Setting up an outdoor kitchen is a great way to have outdoor gatherings without spending too much time indoors in the kitchen. This is an especially great idea if the weather is such that you can use your outdoor kitchen most of the year. Natural stone is one great way to set up an outdoor kitchen, but you'll need to choose a type of stone that is best for your outdoor kitchen.

1. Granite

The best option for outdoor kitchen countertops is granite. This is a very durable stone product that also looks beautiful. It is not damaged by heat, so you may cook and place a hot pan on a granite countertop. A granite countertop is also resistant to mold and mildew, which can otherwise become a problem when it rains.

The type of granite you choose matters. If you'd like a countertop that is cool to the touch, choose a lighter colored granite. Even when they're outside, they won't etch or lose their shine. There are some forms of granite that are so dense that they don't even need to be sealed. However, don't use granite that has too many veins because the veins can react negatively to UV rays. 

2. Quartzite

While granite is the best option for most homeowners, there are other stone options that some homeowners prefer. Quartzite is very similar to granite. It is both hard and durable. It should not be confused for quartz, which is an engineered stone option. It can also last a very long time.

3. Soapstone

Soapstone is often used outdoors because it is durable, stain-resistant and heat-resistant. Soapstone will not fade. However, it needs to be treated periodically with mineral oil. The stone darkens naturally and won't look as great if it's not properly treated. However, some homeowners are disappointed with how easily it can scratch. Fingerprints, liquids and oils can be hard on the stone when it's not sealed. 

Stones That Are Not Recommended

Quartz is not recommended for outdoor use because it is vulnerable to UV rays, which will cause it to fade after a long period. It is not resistant to moisture and humidity, but this isn't as much of a problem when you live in a dry climate. Corian is also not recommended unless you can keep it out of a hot spot. Some Corian colors perform better than others, which will fade and become splotchy. 

Use this information to help you choose the perfect natural stone products you'll need for a gorgeous outdoor kitchen area.


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