Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Why Quartz Is A Good Choice For Your New Kitchen Countertops

by Scarlett Ross

Quartz is a countertop material you'll want to consider when you're ready to upgrade your kitchen. It has advantages over other types of stone and manufactured materials, and it comes in enough styles that you can find the perfect quartz countertop for your décor. Here's why quartz is such a popular material and well-suited for kitchen counters.

Quartz Countertops Have Lasting Beauty

Stone countertops are top choices for the kitchen, but not all stone is equal when it comes to beauty. You're often limited in choices depending on the quarry the stone was mined from and the colors present in the slab. Quartz is a manufactured product. That means the natural stone is mixed with a resin so the end product can take on a variety of colors and patterns. If there's a specific color or pattern you want for your kitchen, you can probably find it in a Cambria quartz countertop.

Cambria quartz can be made to resemble marble and granite. It can also be a solid color such as blue, black, gray, or red. You can even choose between matte or glossy countertops. If you like your kitchen to be spotless and shiny, you might love the look of glossy quartz.

Quartz Countertops Are Easy To Care For

A benefit of quartz is that it isn't porous, so it's easy to care for. Water and other liquids won't seep into the surface and create stains as can happen with granite unless you keep the granite sealed. You don't have to seal quartz. Since it isn't porous, there is no problem with bacterial growth deep in the stone. This keeps the surface area hygienic for food preparation. All you have to do to maintain the countertops is wipe them down with dish soap and water. The countertop dealer can also supply you with a list of approved cleaners when you buy the quartz in case you want to clean up dried food or liquid stains.

A number of cleaners can be used as long as they are not abrasive or harsh, as these could dull the surface. Since quartz is a hard material, it's resistant to chips and scratches, so your countertops should stay beautiful for years. However, if damage does occur, the scratches can usually be filled in so they disappear.

Visit a showroom to look over the different types of quartz countertop colors available so you can find the perfect match for your home. Quartz gives your kitchen a bit of luxury when compared to wood, tile, laminate, or solid surface countertops while being easier to care for than granite or marble. Contact a local supplier like Old World Stone for more information.


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