Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Ways That Your Back Porch Should Be Different From Your Front Porch

by Scarlett Ross

If you're planning the construction of a porch on the back of your home, your first instinct might be to design it to mirror your front porch. This idea can work, but it might not be the best approach to take. Ideally, there will be a number of differences between your front porch and back porch — which makes sense, given that you and your family will likely use these two spaces in entirely different ways. Here are some ways that your back porch should be different from your front porch.

Build It Deeper

It's common for front porches to be fairly shallow. For example, when you step up onto your porch from your front walkway, you may only need to take one stride before you reach your front door. Front porches are shallow for a number of reasons, but one factor is that front yards are often shallower than backyards — and people don't want their porch to extend too far toward the sidewalk. Try to plan your back porch to be deeper. You have more space to work with, and more depth can make this space more accommodating for sitting outside with your family and with guests.

Provide More Access

A front porch generally has only one access point to your home — the front door. This arrangement serves this porch well, but you'll want to think of a different design for the back porch. If you're hosting a large gathering on the back porch or even in the backyard, numerous people may be entering and exiting the house at various times. As such, easier access will be a key feature. Consider a large sliding door that can allow multiple people to walk between the home and the porch at the same time. Another option is double doors, which you can open wide to make movement easier.

Retractable Awning

Front porches typically have a roof that extends over them. This isn't a design feature that you should automatically choose when you're planning a back porch. In this space, you won't want to always be sitting in the shade. In many cases, you'll want to enjoy the sun — which may be challenging if you're under a roof. Think about skipping the roof idea and opting for a retractable awning instead. You can set it up when you want shade or protection from inclement weather and retract it when you want the porch to be in the sun.

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