Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Designs That Work Well For A Texas-Themed Charm Bracelet

by Scarlett Ross

When you're traveling to a state that you really enjoy, it can often be appealing to buy one or more souvenirs that help you to remember the visit. Many people look for T-shirts or sweatshirts that feature the state's name, while others look for drinkware such as a coffee mug or a shot glass. If you're visiting Texas and you enjoy collecting unique pieces of jewelry, another option to think about is buying some jewelry that represents the state. A fun type of jewelry to consider is a charm bracelet, as you can shop for individual charms that catch your eye. Here are some charm designs that can work well for a Texas-themed charm bracelet.

Oil Derrick

Many people associate Texas with the production of oil. Depending on where you have visited in the state, you might have seen numerous oil derricks dotting the landscape. This tall, metal structure is a symbol of the Texas oil industry for many people, and you may be able to find it as a charm that you can attach to your new bracelet.

Cowboy Boot

You can't travel too far in many areas of Texas without seeing people wearing cowboy boots, and this is another charm design that you'll easily be able to find. You may even have the option of a plain-looking boot, one with a spur behind it, or one that has markings or colors that represent the elaborate stitching that is common in dress cowboy boots.


Professional, college, and high school football have a strong presence in Texas. If you're a football fan who visited the state to attend one or more games, you'll want to think about adding a football-themed charm to your bracelet. There are many options to consider, including a charm that depicts a football, one that is shaped like a set of goalposts, a helmet shape, or even one that depicts the logo of your favorite team.


Although there are several types of music that are popular throughout the state, many people associate Texas with country music. If you're a fan of this genre — and especially if you saw some live entertainment during your visit — you should think about a music-themed charm. An obvious choice for many people is a charm that is shaped like an acoustic guitar. This instrument, of course, is a fixture of country music. Look for Texas jewelry in shops you visit.


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