Gardening For Aesthetics

Gardening For Aesthetics

Using Stone Products For Your Home And Landscaping

by Scarlett Ross

Whether you need them for your home itself or the surrounding landscaping, stone products can be an effective option that may provide you with the aesthetic that you want along and are extremely durable.

Does Natural Stone Need Any Sealing Or Other Protective Coats?

Natural stone can be an extremely strong material that may be able to easily resist cracking and chipping from common impacts. However, most types of stone are extremely porous, and this will be able to allow these products to become stained and discolored. Protective sealants can minimize the risk of discoloration developing on your natural stone, but these coatings must be applied correctly and comprehensively. If you leave gaps in the coating, this can allow pigments to discolor the stone as well as contribute to the rest of the coating failing due to moisture being able to seep underneath it.

How Will A Stone Veneer Be Installed On Your Home's Exterior?

Stone veneers are an option that can enable you to enjoy the appearance of natural stone without having to rebuild structures to use these materials. This is possible as the veneer is able to be applied over the exterior of the building. The application of this veneer will often be similar to the installation of siding on the exterior of the building. However, the stone veneer will be much heavier than vinyl siding, and this can require additional supports to be installed so that the facade of the building will not be vulnerable to damage as a result of the weight of the veneer.

Are There Effective Options For Keeping Stone Edging In Place?

Another type of stone product that is often used by homeowners will be stone edging. This edging can be used along the edges of the pathways, plant beds and other significant portions of the landscaping. While stone edging can be an attractive option for these areas, it can be prone to shifting positioned in response to heavy rain and runoff. This may not be an issue that can be entirely avoided, but you can greatly mitigate it by partially burying the stone edging. Doing this can allow the surrounding soil to hold the stone edging in place. Buying edging that is slightly longer than your plans require can provide enough clearance for the edging to be partially buried while still being able to effectively retain your gravel and mulch or to be noticeable enough to serve as an aesthetic highlight.

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